Tororo Girls School

Student Life

Co-curricular Activities

These include;

Athletics, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Football and the mind games such as chess, snake and ladder, scrabble, ludo. Since the ministry of education encourages schools to perform these activities alongside academics, tororo girls school has followed the programme and she has participated in both internal and external competitions.

Games and sports

The students compete internally in their planets and this involves all students from S.1 to S.6. Each planet has at least students from each class for favorable, calm and peaceful competition.

Some of the planets are; Pluto, Mars and Jupiter


The accommodation in TGS is superb, all students sleep comfortablyAll dormitories are self contained and other toilets are constructed outside to cater for others in case the flashing toilets are fully occupied. All dormitories are at class level where all classes have different dormitories and these include;

Green dorm- for S.1s,

Red dorm- for S.2s,

Yellow dorm- for S.3s,

White dorm- for S.4s,

Senior Dorm – for A’ level students.

Purple dorm for any spillovers from S.1 to S.5

Different classes wear different uniforms. This makes it easy to identify which class each student is. It also improves the students’ discipline.