Head Teacher Welcome

We are filled with joy at what lies ahead of us and determined to make the most of it.

You are welcome to our website 2021

Tororo Girls'School is a well of knowledge and skills. Interact with us and find out more about this impactful space in Eastern Uganda. For our students, get busy on the online platform.

The main aim of Tororo girls’ school is to pursue academic success in an environment where the character and self also grow. Students learn a great deal about the world, other people and themselves.

Excellence is our vision. Our class rooms, libraries, dining hall, dormitories all are full of activities. The young ladies have a lot of energy.

Our school is a community where students form friendships and links that they will maintain for their entire lives.

We invite you to be part of the team and let us share the good ideas that can lead us to greater heights.

Wataba K. Helen
Head teacher

Our Advantage

We offer a holistic education. Besides to academic curriculum, we offer life skills, practical skills, in agriculture, art, sports and home management and entrepreneurship- all geared at turning out an all round Ugandan female.