Tororo Girls School

Head Teacher Welcome

We are filled with joy at what lies ahead of us and determined to make the most of it.



Welcome to Tororo Girls’ School Website. The school offers a transitional experience for the girl child to explore their academic and co-curricular potentials. While at Tororo Girls’ school, the child has the advantage of focusing on five (5) strong education pillars; competence, confidence, positive character, creativity and above all knowledge.
We also partner with governing bodies, parents, guardians, staff, student and community involvement all geared towards attaining best interests of all the key players.
Just like my predecessors I too wish to have a strong contribution to produce a girl child who fits in the corporate world.
Our excellent and dedicated staff are committed to ensuring that every learner achieves her academic goal. We put significance importance on developing career pathways for our students. In this twenty first century characterized by a child centered education curriculum that gears towards acquiring life skills and insight that will always be relevant no matter how things change.
We demystify the tradition that girl child were not prioritized to achieve academic excellence, discipline and religious devotions may we all continue to support the girl child education so as to achieve our goal.

Head teacher

Our Advantage

We offer a holistic education. Besides to academic curriculum, we offer life skills, practical skills, in agriculture, art, sports and home management and entrepreneurship- all geared at turning out an all round Ugandan female.