Tororo Girls School

Rules and Regulations

Tororo Girls School is a Government Aided Secondary school established with the assistance from Government of the United States of America. Its objective is to impart knowledge to the learners and in doing this, it is expected that the students will be helped to develop in character; morally, spiritually, academically and socially as useful values to enable them live peacefully as responsible citizens in society.

All societies worthy of their name survive on agreed standards that promote harmony, mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence. These standards in schools are referred to as SCHOOL RULES AND REGULATIONS.

We strongly believe that when these rules and regulations are followed strictly, it will enable Tororo Girls’ School as a community of people of diverse cultures, origins, religious and social settings to manage their time, human and non-human resources effective for the development of the school

The full copy of the school rules and regulations is included in the documents received on the admission date.

Please read them carefully.